You TV Player APK (v19.9.6) Download for Android

You TV Player APK is available to download now. If you want to stream your favorite movies and shows then You TV player would be the perfect application for it. The app is one of the best live streaming applications and it allows the users to perform multiple operations within a single app. It’s been quite a while since You TV Player APK was first launched and ever since then, people became a fan of the app.

In this post, we will discuss how you can download You TV Player APK and install it on your Android device. We will also discuss the features of the app further in the post. Let’s start with the basic details of the app.

you tv player apk

You TV Player APK

You TV Player is an online streaming application that comes with a number of great features. It is perhaps the best streaming application for movie fanatics and those who like to watch TV on their device. Here are some details about You TV Player App:

File NameYou TV Player APK
Version19.7.6 Latest
SupportAndroid | iOS | Windows | Mac
CategoryVideo Player | Online Video Streaming App

These were the basic details of You TV Player APK. It can be used a video player as well as for streaming different programmes. You won’t need any other Android video player if you install this app.

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You TV Player APK – Features

After the introduction of You TV Player APK, people are refraining from downloading any other application.  The app’s simple and easy to use user interface has won people’s hearts and that is why the love You TV player app so much. You may be wondering what makes the app so different from other apps that it is so popular among the masses.

you tv player

No need to think too much. We have compiled a list of the best features offered by You TV Player. Here are the major and most noticeable features offered by You TV Player APK:

  • It lets you watch your favorite programmes absolutely free of cost. No need to sit in front of your TV when you can simply watch your preferred show on your device.
  • The app is compatible with almost all devices. You won’t face any issues while installing or running You TV Player app.
  • It is available to download absolutely free of cost. The installation procedure is also super easy that we will discuss soon.
  • The app streams content in High Definition so that you can have the best viewing experience.
  • You TV Player APK allows you to share and recommend your favorite content to your friends.
  • You don’t need a powerful device to run You TV Player. Even a low end or mid end device will do the job
  • It has a large database of content and you will never run out of stuff to watch.
  • When you use You TV Player APK as a video player, it supports all the popular video files and extensions.

So, these were the major features of You TV Player APK. Other than these features, there are a few others that you will get to explore once you start using the app. It is now time to discuss how to download and install You TV Player APK for Android.

You TV Player APK  Download for Android 

Since the app is not available on Google Play Store, a majority of users find it hard to download and install You TV Player. There are a number of things you need to do in order to download and install You TV Player APK on your Android device.

We have come up with the full step by step procedure to download and install You TV Player for Android. Here is the full procedure:

  • First and foremost, download You TV Player APK file from above. You will be installing this file on your device to run You TV Player.
  • Now, in order to install the app. You need to enable the Unknown Sources option.


  • Go to your device’s Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources -> Enable.
  • Once you have enabled the installation of apps from Unknown Sources, open the downloaded APK File again.
  • Install the download You TV Player APK file now.


you tv player apk download install


  • Once the app is done installing, simply launch it.

That’s all you need to do to download You TV Player APK and run it. If you followed the procedure step by step then it is very unlikely that you’ll face any issues. In case you do, make sure that you followed each and every step of the installation procedure carefully.

Is You TV Player APK available for iOS?

As of now, You TV Player App is not available for iOS but don’t get disheartened as there are a few alternatives to You TV Player for iOS. There is a possibility that You TV Player will be released for iOS but for now, the app isn’t available.

Which devices can run You TV Player APK?

All decent Android devices are able to run You TV Player APK. As long as your device doesn’t lag, you won’t face any problem while running You TV Player on your device.

Is there a pro version of You TV Player?

Yes, there is a pro version of You TV Player. It offers more features and options in comparison to the regular version of You TV Player. We have covered You TV Player Pro on our site as well and you can check it out.

You TV Player APK is without a doubt one of the best online streaming apps. It lets you browse and watch your favorite content on Television. Be it movies, shows, channels and what not. You can also use it as a video player to play videos of different extensions. In this post, we discussed the features and the procedure to download You TV Player APK. We hope that the post was informative and you were able to install You TV Player on your device. Don’t forget to check out other posts about You TV Player on our website.